& now she’s mad

my daughter is upset with me. the party she invited me to ended up being tonight, not friday. & the plan of her & her boyfriend picking me up changed, so that he wouldn’t have to be the designated driver yet again. we would take a forty minute or so bus ride & then walk the rest of the way, which happens to be an extremely long, extremely steep hill (then take a taxi back). it’s good exercise, she said. no doubting that. however considering that i have been quite sedentary recently, the consequence of this ?good exercise? would be that i would be intensely sore tomorrow. so, i asked chris if he’d give us a ride, but he was fixated on the fact that the party was not at the restaurant she worked at, but at her other part time job, which is in a private home. ?so why should i drive you to some man’s house?… moot point anyway, my son was already asleep.

this pisses the daugher off. we had plans, etc. yes, but now those plans involve me walking a good mile up a steep, steep hill to hang out with people i don’t know. sadly, this caused said plans to fall by the wayside.

in other news, the real focus of this weekend is meeting bloggers in santa monica. i am prepared. i had to buy a shirt or two, do laundry, find my nice fanny pack that has a wide strap that’s perfect to also hold the camera (being hands-free is so crucial when having a crazy four year old in a place like the santa monica pier). i’m pretty neurotic about going far from home – even though i rarely stray far from home, i always have a blanket, some towels, a hand crank radio, change of clothes, a rain poncho, & various other supplies always in the trunk. i have to make sure i have enough of my stuff with me. i’m pretty attached to my stuff. & i have to be able to be comfortable, if ?something? happens, not sure what, so, i have to be prepared. i never feel prepared enough.

not going to let my neuroses spoil this though. i’ve got everything all ready already, so i’m cool. & very excited about it (wow, it’s not even tomorrow anymore, it’s TODAY).

i can’t sleep.

7 thoughts on “& now she’s mad

  1. I still can’t get over the fact that you let your daughter see a guy named “Francois” (snicker, chortle!)… I *AM* a potential son-in-law’s worst nightmare, you know. If they can survive their first meeting with me they …

    Well, it hasn’t happened yet.

  2. i hope you were able to finally get some sleep. it’s a real bummer about the daughter. i’ve seen the situation with three individuals like this develop before. it’s hazardous and can go downhill in a hurry. but then again, i guess that’s obvious now. just be watchful next time, ok? and stay away from that liquid crack!

  3. The first Western BlogMeet of the year . I hope you are planning to document the event in words and pictures so the rest of us can share the experience.

  4. yes, there will be cameras & blog entries aplenty — i am currently regretting not hiding the camera case when the toy was new, because the boy was unable to resist it, got into it, took the larger memory card, wandered off with it — all i have is one 16MB card, good for only 18 pics at the high resolution. *sigh* it will have to do.

    ruminator — when i first read your comment i thought, huh? then realized you’d been reading between the lines & picked up the simmering conflict that’s been going on for a long, long time. it’s why my daughter moved out at barely 17.

  5. There were indeed many cameras, and a great deal of roaming around Santa Monica frightening passers by, and I sincerely hope a good time was had by all. If my incessant rambling in any way prevented it, I apologize. Thanks so much for coming out, kd. Tara and I both appreciated it.

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