parental units

let’s start with i’m a bad daughter that used to never call. when i had my son, my daughter called them to tell them & they replied, ?oh. she was pregnant?? the next few years were no better for calls. i kept saying i was going to wait till my life got better. it did. i continued to flake on the phonecalls.

so a little over a year ago i found myself with lots of free long distance to use up, & my daughter, who is the kind of good daughter/granddaughter who does call, prevailed upon me to finally stop procrastinating the awkwardness.

good timing. right then he was going through some doctor visits & turned out he had a tumor in his chest. i spent three weeks in oregon last february while he had open-chest (unsuccessful) surgery. bastard tumor was all entangled in major veins & so forth. i was as helpful as i could manage at the time, being a bad daughter & all. i even helped them get a new paint job on their new truck (see march 1 entry). all in all it was a great thing, reconnecting with them, even under those stressful circumstances.

after that, they attacked with chemo – no luck. they then went with the radiation. a few months ago, a cat scan revealed a small remaining mass, & tonight he called with the results of a follow-up scan, which revealed an unchanged mass, now presumed to be scar tissue. while there was some permanent lung damage from the surgery & treatments, it’s looking good on the cure front. this was pretty exciting news – he always waits till after 8 to call, when he has the most minutes, but this time he called just before eight, unable to wait any longer.

i love my parents. they’re coming down in july with their RV & staying 9 days in ventura, i’m very much looking forward to this. for awhile all their trips were on hold, & now plans are being made. this is good. this is very, very good.

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  1. I’m glad to hear they are coming to visit. And I’m happy to read the the small mass is most likely scar tissue. You’re now have your chance, girlfriend. Go for it. Keep in touch while you have the chance, that’s what I figure. I’m not always the best phone person, either, so my advice is maybe good, but underused by me ;0)

  2. Wow, a happy parental units story – a good thing.
    Glad your dad is better.
    I’m a bad daughter but I’m ok with that mostly – I still want to buy an extra sibling to keep mine occupied though. They just need other kids to be nosey and bossy with!

  3. Great news, kd! And I’m so glad you reconnected with your parents. I was very much the same way (and still tend to let too many days go by between visits or calls) but once I became a parent, I had a different perspective. They still irritated me to death but it’s easier (sometimes) to overlook that. I KNOW I’ll irritate my children (hell, I do already, I’m sure) and I hope they are able to overlook it and still want to have fun with me.

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