pointless whining

i had this entry written but it was quite whiny & had no point. i worked till two AM, i am too f’in old for this, blah blah.

working till 2 feels much worse than partying till 2.

the popcorn is still there. it mocks me. yes, that pic is crappy but too tired to care.

8 thoughts on “pointless whining

  1. ?for my will is as strong as yours,
    and my kingdom is as great.
    you have no power over me.?

    you know, this whole silliness about keeping a pet bag of popcorn on my desk has really done wonders for me. of course i get quite cross when i get actually hungry, but it’s oh so different from the constant casual snacking i usually (used to) do.

    & (though i don’t have a scale) i can tell you that i feel a couple pounds lighter, already.

  2. Ahhhh! Yes! Labyrinth quote! And deborah beats me to the guess! 🙂
    I’m growing quite fond of the idea of you having a pet Evil Bag of Popcorn. Just think of the wacky adventures you two could have….

  3. i’m actually thinking of dressing him up in cute baby clothes. or maybe a cool hat. yeah, a hat. he’d be such a cutie-wootie widdle baggie of popcorn in a little hat!

    i’ve lost it.

    omg that makes the rest of the quote work — about “the child you have stolen”… oh my yes.

    no, i mean really. i’ve lost it.

  4. popcorn will not bite the hand that feeds it.

    quite possibly having it there will stop you bringing other inappropriate snacks to your desk. think how jealous it would be.

    the 2 am thing? it’s the lights. clubs/bars/home are nice and dark. working late at night under fluorescent lights will knock your body clock about. plus the screen, if you use a CRT monitor.
    sometimes I find it helps to close my eyes for a minute.

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