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so i spent a bit of time on hold with interland this morning, & it was just the nicest thing ever. they have the best on hold music i’ve ever heard in my life. mellow, melodic guitar meditations that made me feel like i was driving a curvy road through verdant hills in someplace greener than i’ve ever been. it was heaven. oh, they fixed the problem too, which was nice, but… i would have liked to spend a few more blissful billable minutes listening to that beautiful music.

5 thoughts on “tech support

  1. Well, the title of the entry pulled me in…you mentioned in your comment on Lee’s site that you “comment” out links you don’t look at any more. I know how to do that in old tired languages, but what’s the character that does it in HTML? Is it the exclamation point? In RPG2 it’s an asterisk.

    If you WILL label things “tech support” you MUST expect these questions! Grins…

  2. I had a song in my head that I first heard on a British Airways Commercial several years ago. Then I heard it again while driving my car back from Yoga one night in August. I had an obscure Indian Station on, and “The Song” was being played. I wrote to the station, and emailed them asking about the song: to no avail.
    I found out what it was by reading a review of Charlotte Church’s new cd. The song was The Flower Duet. The version of it that I love is by Yanni..Who’d have thunk it!!

  3. ok, so forgive my buttheadness but I just realized you have a blog of your own, and a good one too…damn girl, is there a blog that you post on that is not good? lol.


  4. hmm. i certainly hope that wasn’t Yanni i was listening to. but he’s piano, right? this was guitar that had a folksy sound to it, it was very peaceful & appropriate for tech support holding, which is often stressful.

    & francisco? this blog here was kind of an accident. i was playing with movable type & i had to put some text in it to test it & one thing led to another… & thanks!

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