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jon had this great link of the day today (well, they’re all great, but this one really put a crimp in my plans to get up & get right to work on version 5 of the sports club site). it’s weblogs, theory & practice, & in it i found a link to an article that concluded:

?The only consolation a naysayer can find in all the current hubbub is that, inside of a year, the inevitable winnowing will be complete, and the weblog community will have matured into something efficient, useful and blessedly quiet. The remaining webloggers will go about their business, providing links and commentary, without all the noisy hoo-ha of revolution.

?And the current maniacal enthusiasm will be thankfully buried, forgotten and unloved, next to every other next New Thing. ?

~Gregg Knauss, stating the obvious (this was written in 11/99)

6 thoughts on “the next big thing

  1. i’m becoming convinced that a weblog is a form of black hole. the event horizon exists at the interface between keyboard and fingers. once the event horizon is broken, the black hole continues to absorb all energy that is present. at least, that’s how it seems to me. 🙂

  2. How odd. I miss Greg’s weblog more than any of the others that have dropped off since ’99. He had talent for writing about life’s humble events that made me very jealous. I think his error was to think of weblogs in economic terms. People would seek out the “best” and the rest would fold. But the nice thing about this medium is that it defies such constraints. Bloggers who want hits can whore themselves for linky love. Those that do it just for themselves will be “successful” with no readers at all. But for the most part we just do whatever we like and we’re amazed when others enjoy it. We don’t care about any of the normal measures of success. It’s a labor of love.

  3. it is very much a labor of love. every time i try to describe exactly what weblogging means for me personally, i get so many words thoughts & images running through my mind, it becomes impossible for me to sort them out. someday i’m going to sit down & really try, but right now i have to stop surfing weblogs & thinking about weblogging & get to work.

  4. And what if you?re writing about something great that happend to you? I don?t want my blog to absorb all the positive energy! ;0) Weblogging is fun and it will stay. Okay, maybe I am too busy for blogging at a special time in my life but who cares? There will always be some people who blog!

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