the timeline

3PM saturday: receive first batch of graphic files
3PM sunday: receive second & last batch of graphics
7PM sunday: start saving off photoshop layers so i can put them in friendly fireworks frames so i can slice & dice them (i hate photoshop. the only thing i like about it is how the little hand turns into a fist when you click it, so when you’re working on pictures of particularly attractive models you can grope them). *ahem*
7:30PM sunday: can’t focus. surf. post.
7:50PM sunday: back to work. focus? flirt with eric in comments.
8:55PM sunday: figure that this horrible problem i’m having focusing may be alcohol related, so, go downtown to liquor store for two cans of fosters.
9:07PM sunday: pull up in driveway singing ?dirty white boy? at top of lungs.
9:20PM sunday: record timeline up to this point, minimize window. focus.
9:57PM sunday: it’s hot in the kitchen. put hair up in clip thingy, can’t get it to balance right, it’s heavy (still wet from shower at 5PM) hair begins to give me a headache. ow. take hair back down. begin realizing that if i manage to get all the graphics into files & chop them, it’ll be a miracle. page construction is not happening tonight.
10:27PM sunday: finish saving off files, fire up fireworks. take break, get up walk around, do a few yoga stretches, stub toe VERY badly on scooter left in darkened living room. ow. open second fosters. back to work. focus.
10:57PM sunday: more yoga stretches & a spritz of calvin klein’s contradictions in the cleavage for aromatherapy purposes. focus. think about sex. no, focus. no, really, focus.
11:07 PM sunday: make gratuitous reference to big boobs in jon’s comments.
11:20 PM sunday: finish fireworks files. all perfectly organized, exquisitely sliced, & aching to be saved off in slices & arranged in pages. consider this & realise that i’m not gonna make it happen tonight. consider the brilliance of the designer that sent me these files — site’s gonna be freakin’ gorgeous.

speaking of aching, my toe hurts. it really does.

the procrastination was not entirely my fault. being solely in charge of a four year old madman, general house maintenance (not cleaning by any means, but still, not an insignificant amount of work), food preparation &/or acquisition, among other distractions, were responsible for my lagging. really, not (entirely) my fault.

plans for the rest of the evening: surf back to jon’s site to insist he acknowledge the boob reference. fire up the cd player because i still have ?dirty white boy? stuck in my poor head. further surfing to make slightly buzzed comments as i finish second & last fosters. bed.

12 thoughts on “the timeline

  1. Humble apologies, and have you tried Castleman’s 4X, also a “Strine beer? I had two 12-oz cans once at 12 noon, went to work the swing shift, and still had a buzz at 8:00 pm. All thanks to the RAAF, who brought a full pallet of the stuff for a two-day (!) visit to Kwajalein.

  2. anyone wishing to ship a case or two of this beer may email me for my home address. it sounds heavenly.

    my daughter’s boyfriend makes his own ale, which will also kick some serious butt. however since it’s handmade & they’re busy, it’s not easy to get.

  3. Holy crap!!!! Those are some huge, incredible tits! Wow! ……… Just a note of caution here kd – Vegas is eight months away, has readily available tequila, and I am a *very* bad influence.

  4. And I do love it when a buzzed KD goes wandering around the comments!
    How Jon can even think about tequila at 6:30am amazes me…

  5. Yeah, well, bein’ Stateside I can imagine it’s tough to get good beer. We all know the story of the American who came up here, went into a bar and said to the bartender, “Gimme the clost thang ya’ll got ta Amercan beeyer.” So the bartender reaches under the counter grabs a glass and pours him a glass full of water.

  6. one would buy two 25oz cans of fosters, for $1.69 plus tax & CRV each, if ones budget would not support the purchase of a larger quantity.

  7. Okay. Now ya’ll need to quit talking about beer, seeing as I have none in the house, liquor stores are closed and I’ve been craving a cold-ass beer for days.

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