this is just ridiculous

it is the eleventh of january. it is currently 80 degrees outside.

you know, i moved here more or less accidentally, i was running home to mommy & daddy & they had moved here. even after they moved away i stayed, because i had, as they say in bail hearings, ?ties to the community?. then i drove a taxi for a couple of years, & that gave me such an intimate knowledge of Ventura that it feels more like my home town than the place i grew up (the SF bay area) ever did.

but i swear, someday i’m going to move somewhere where there are seasons. because this is just ridiculous.

12 thoughts on “this is just ridiculous

  1. Take it from me – Seasons totally suck. Best thing about SoCal – No yucky seasons…… No….. The best thing is going to the beach in January. No…… The complete absence of mud, slush and ice. No….. I guess I could just go on all day huh? Seasons suck. 80 degrees? Woo hoo!

  2. oh, i don’t really mind. i just say stuff like this when i’m in a contrary mood, to piss off people who are freezing & dealing with mud, slush, & ice.

    god i am SUCH a bitch sometimes.

  3. We hit 75 today. But autumn has finally arrived! The yew trees are all gold and red. Other than that we only have two seasons in Houston: Hurricane and Tornado.
    Didja notice all my parts are working. : )

  4. Seasons are overrated. Besides, spring & fall seem to be disappearing here. We went from summer straight into winter, and I expect it’ll go from winter straight into summer again.

  5. personally, i like a variety of seasons. the rythmn of change does me good. there’s a pattern to life, then, and i find comfort in the fact that the sun indeed does rise each morning, and most mornings here in lubbock we actually can see it. it doesn’t get that cold here, but it does get warm. it looks like this year i’ll have about two weeks during which i can’t ride. that’s marvelous. oh yeah, degrees C = (degrees F – 32) * (5/9), so 80F = 26.7C.

  6. Out here in the Pacific we know it’s fall when the hurricane preparedness stories start appearing in the paper and on the tube. We know it’s winter when the surf on the North Shore starts hitting 15-25 feet. Believe it or not, it does get a little boring not to see leaves turn.

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