this song has no title, just words & a tune

it was nineteen seventy, i think probably, five. i was sound asleep & i mean sound. the doorbell might have rung but that sort of thing never intruded on my teenage sleep. my parents were on one of those trailer vacations & had left my young party animal self home, so i was most likely more than tired. it was early.

urgent knocking at the window. it was ron. now, ron was my high school sweetheart & the source of my elton john fanaticism — his taste in music was much better than my own, john denver addled proclivities ever were. in any case, it was him at the window.

he, his parents & brother out in the cutlass, picking me up to go wait in the line for the tickets. early in the morning, bay area-type cold, i remember that line. i remember being among the last few dozen that scored the tickets. yesssssss.

fast forward to the concert. oakland coliseum, nosebleed seats. sit down, smoke doobies that were so badly rolled — i’m sure we were barely stoned. i remember the overwhelming sensation i had when elton took the stage in his sequins & feathers, & the music. i remember thinking that i was in the same coliseum with the greatest human being that had ever lived. yeah, i was probably stoned. but let’s face it — seeing elton at the height of the seventies, glittering & young & utterly perfect for the age…

i have not very many memories of that time. i wish i had more, because they were perfect.

11 thoughts on “this song has no title, just words & a tune

  1. I like that memory. I have some to but I don’t really remember then. I don’t remember my memories, thats right. I know that one of my first concerts was Earth Wind & Fire. I wish I enjoyed it more! I was only 6 or 7. They are great!

  2. if i could save time in a bottle…oh wait…that’s jim croce…kd…this was an absolutely gorgeous blog…like elton john meets proust…very cool..thanks!

    p.s. first concert…sonny and cher

  3. mmm, the best part is when you’re sitting there at (what was that 3:30 AM? what a long nap i took) & you listen to a wonderful digitally remastered CD of goodbye yellow brick road & it takes you right back.

    god, what if we had to listen to these memories on vinyl? it has its charms, yes, but would not be so vivid.

  4. oh no. ?i am strong, i am invincible, i am womaaaaaaaaan…?

    no please don’t let that get stuck in my head. please, please no.

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