’tis a first

tonight i had my very first person sign up to be put on my notify list, to get an email when i post! all this time with MT & finally i can make use of the post notification! none other than the inimitable say-say. so, say-say? this one’s for you (you’ll be the only one getting an email about it anyway.)

incedentally, all you need to do to get yourself on that list too, is email me, it is truly that simple.

5 thoughts on “’tis a first

  1. Well, that would take all the fun out of it. Without the notification it’s more like a wonderful surprise. Why would I want to lose that great moment of anticipation as I hit the reload button over and over and over?

  2. you know, Jon, since i signed up to get notified of the comments on your blog (this thing won’t do that – only posts), i find i can keep up with the lively discussions, however, i always feel kind of strange popping right in to respond to something. like i’m maybe stalking your blog or something.

    kind of like sitting & hitting the reload button over & over.

  3. Stalking, yes, that’s the whole idea. Women around the country stalking me through my blog and hanging on my every word. Yes! Excellent!

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