my linklist (see link on the right, under heading ?love?) has grown greatly recently, & not as much as it should, considering. i know there are places i haven’t linked, that i should.

these days, my time is pressed. short bursts of linksurfage are squeezed into the hectic schedule of having actual work to do at work & sometimes home, & my ever increasing duties as webmistress of this domain. many things fall by the wayside, & i regret each & every one.

so, if i have not linked you & i should, please email me. i shall add you post haste. i do intend to integrate the linklist so that there is no more separateness between the designations of ?daily or thereabouts? & ?as often as possible?, since what i surf these days are the links from my comments, the referrals in my logs, & the short list of people that are in neither, whose sites i am compelled to visit anyway.

on a not-so-side note, i am utterly content with my referrer logs. utterly. content. the googlebot does not love kd: a blog, hence i find that all the hits my obscure little personal journal receives are from links.

in my hitwhoring days, i once got thirty six hundred something hits in a day, during the period i spent pandering to those seeking jokes about a certain much-reviled terrorist. this was an excellent source of the attention known as traffic. at the time it was thrilling, but the traffic these days is much more satisfying.

13 thoughts on “traffic

  1. I kind of have this whole split on the issue…on the one hand, I don’t get any comments on the posts I find the most interesting, even when I know people are coming by and reading them…but then again, it really doesn’t matter if anyone actually is, since it was fun for me to write them, if that makes sense.

  2. informal observations suggest that the best of posts leave commenters feeling a little speechless — they have nothing to add. the comment thing can be almost pavlovian — you learn what will generate a response, & begin considering that as you write. in your case, since the writing is the end not the means, this wouldn’t necessarily affect you.

    the way to get lots of comments is to (a) make people mad, (b) hit one of those “me too” things, or (c) mention sex. or chocolate covered cherries.

  3. oh my god. i just realized, this is another one of those ?you were right BobtheCorgi?. you were so completely right. again.

  4. you are! the whole thing about friends coming & commenting & hanging out, is just the warmest, coziest thing. feels really good.

    i have no idea what i’d do without blogging, & hanging out with other bloggers. i really don’t.

    Mistress Angelique, you are right – just knowing people read your stuff, is a great feeling. i used to be so obsessed with numbers — i mean, seriously obsessed. it was thrilling at the time, baiting the googlebot & getting it to send thousands of people to my site every day. but that gets old, you know? having friends doesn’t get old at all.

  5. Sometimes your comments are so damn interesting (like this one) I’m thinking “Yeah…So true!!…Interesting…” while Im reading them.

  6. posts and comments… hmmm….. <ruminator mode> i monitor my traffic just a little. i’m interested in who’s dropping by and how long they’re staying. the attention is nice, after all, it was a considerable investment (of time) to get the thing rolling. i do like comments, of course, and the conversations that evolve from them. i’m still very new to this game, and finding my place in blogspace (only about four months now), but i’m discovering that it’s the quality of the folks who stop by and leave a mark (so i can return the visit) that’s important to me. it’s important that i document some of my thoughts. i can then revisit them later and rework the idea. plus, i get some ideas from comments and others writings on their own blogs. i know i could tease and titillate to get more hits but that’s not where i’m going. i’m still writing about things that pique my curiosity, or things that i’ve found interesting in the past, or posting an image that i made (or sometimes found), or that another blogger made me think about. </ruminator mode> you guys make me think too much! (just kidding)

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