what have we here?

here are some boxes. they contain a case, an 815 somethingorother motherboard, a 1 gig PIII, 256 megs of ram, & a 40 gig hard drive. tomorrow, these things will be assembled & brought home, along with an old, small, monitor that can be hooked up to this current (nothing really wrong with it it’s just old) computer here, while its lovely dell trinitron monitor will adorn the new machine.

TCO = $0.00.

update on the cigarette thingy — i was cleaning off the puter table & throwing away old cig boxes & shaking them, one had something in it which turns out is 4 cigarettes. not even too stale. so, i’m not quitting tonight.

5 thoughts on “what have we here?

  1. ok, well, i would offer to drive the getaway car but you’d probably be better at that, so i’ll run in the bank & grab the cash, k?

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