what i did on my sunday vacation

i went to the Santa Monica pier with some friends. we went to lunch at a place with really cool sinks. later, my son found the ferris wheel somewhat stressful.

as far as pictures, well, i don’t have very many, & this morning i’ve not a lot of time for words, but invoking the standard pictures/words ratio, i can say i’ve done in excess of 5000 words on the subject, right?

23 thoughts on “what i did on my sunday vacation

  1. Ok, I was quite jealous before but no one said anything about a ferris wheel. I had no idea they put stuff like that on piers! Now I am wildly jealous! And you all look like you had a lot of fun.

    kd – I think a lot of us girls are gonna be bonding over hair color! You look great in red!

    But I thought of you guys as I sat at home yesterday without any net access! Heh!

  2. ferris wheel, rollercoaster, you name it — it’s a pier-sized amusement park, all built out over the ocean. the view from the ferris wheel? breathtaking.

    to all of you who couldn’t make it, you were with us in spirit. the whole blogger vibe was in the air. as cool as it is to interact over the web, it is also that way IRL. very, very cool.

  3. Gee that looks so damn cool!
    I mean, I knew coney island had the amusement park pier thing but I had this idea that it was the only one.
    Next time I must zip over in the batjet and meet up with y’all.

  4. if i had one regret it would be this: not enough hugging. would have been nice to have done less standing around looking awkward at the end, & more spontaneous hugging, a la Skits. great hugger, that Skits. must learn from her example.

    lesson learned though: blogcon? hug city.

  5. LOL…kd, I come from a long line of great huggers. My family is very VERY into hugging. Doesn’t matter who you are, or how long we have known you–if you are within 3 feet of anyone in my family, chances are you will be hugged before you get away. Sometimes, it can be very awkward, because not everyone LIKES to be hugged. But, sometimes, I just can’t help myself. I MUST hug. I have no choice. It’s too ingrained in me to stop.

  6. you are quite the good hugger too – none of that backpatting thing that is body language for ?i’m really quite uncomfortable here so i’m making breaks in the contact any way i can?.

    good hugging is good for the soul. i resolve to be a good hugger!

  7. you’re married to the best hugger in the world! but brace yourself, i suspect subsequent blogcon planning meetings & blogcon itself will be much huggier. will be if i have anything to do with it!

    oh yeah — ((((((hugs))))))

  8. those pics are awesome kd, I am glad skits and I finally got to meet you! hey, check my blog, I’ve got some pics there too. Skits and I will email you pics soon!

  9. And i think we all encourage such silliness!
    I’m afraid I come from a family of nonhuggers – we are back or shoulder patters. Quite sad. I’m trying to get over this and learn to hug, but it is difficult.

  10. tee hee…Batgrl..I’m gonna be chasing you all over Vegas, tryin’ to get a hug, then. :p LOL

    Thanks for saying such nice things ’bout my hugging kd. 😀 I was worried about making people uncomfortable…LOL

    Francisco, you already got a hug today. :p

  11. well, i would hope that any uncomfortableness can be overcome by the sheer good vibes. i mean, if it hadn’t been for you, Skits, we might have all parted with firm handshakes, & that would have been so … unhuggy.

  12. In my family we do this weird patting thing when we (eventually) hug – where both hug-er and hug-ee pat the back of the hugged person. Simultaneously. I had never noticed it until it was pointed out and now I think it’s kinda weird. Meanwhile I think Skits should be our official hugspokesperson.

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