adversity II

funny how frustration passes, & the resilience of the spirit of friday is renewed with a simple drive across town & the subsequent successful installation of a long lost friend (my webcam). odd that the whole subject of adversity has lost its lustre amidst the warm glow of hornsby’s hard cider, coupled with the fact that it’s gotten late enough for my evening energy to kick in.

i did have some pretty significant success this week, not the accomplishments themselves, but their aftermath — rewards. in some ways this does feel a bit uncomfortable. i’ve only ever had one other employer that was this enthusiastic about me, & frankly, they were crazy. no really. 60% of the staff had diagnosed, but treatable mental illness (it was a nonprofit mental health services agency).

i often regretted leaving there, because subsequent employment, much like employment prior to that, had this tendency to end badly. i have some eccentricities, putting it mildly. trying to conform to my environment only ever worked for a little while, eventually the ?real? me came out & then got thrown out, or at least convinced to throw myself out.

surprisingly enough, the fairly normal company i work for does not hate me, even after 2? years & eccentricities aplenty. in fact, my clients seem to unanimously love me, in spite of the fact that at no time am i not learning on the job as i go. thankfully the field i’m in (the internet) is such a constantly changing thing that learning as you go is the only way, really.

god, i love my job.

8 thoughts on “adversity II

  1. this is so heartening to read. i suspect that you and i have similar eccentricities because your story sounds way too familiar. bravo to kd and her employers!

  2. i am at this moment toasting you with me coffee….you know the saying ‘clothes make the man’? i think that ‘eccentricities make the blog goddess’! hurray for you, kd!

  3. Psst – I’m still learning as I go too! I think I always will!
    And always be true to your eccentricities.
    They’re what keep life fun.

  4. you know, you have a point — & people who truly love their jobs & are doing them to the best of their ability should be on a constant learning curve. if there’s ever a point where you decide you’re an expert & you know everything you need to, well, you’re pretty much going to suck at your job from then on. you’d stagnate, & become insufferable. (bet you see quite a lot of this in academia, eh, batgrl?)

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