i really feel for people who have it too easy in this life, because when things turn to shit, they have no coping tools. much the same way as it is for the person whose network practically installed itself, so that when that person’s child right clicks the wrong thing & deletes something crucial, well, that person is utterly unprepared to deal with the situation.

almost two hours of unmitigated stress followed by a last desperate attempt to get internet to a computer that completely ignores me when i reinstall the network adapters — direct hookup to that ever-handy USB modem connection. it worked. kudos to telocity/directDSL for working over the ethernet & the USB, simultaneously. old puter will get hauled into work on monday to have people who know what they are doing fix whatever ails it. i’m spectacularly underqualified.

& now a moratorium on posting about computers, for at least the weekend (we won’t even get into the unrelated memory weirdness).

now, back to the subject of adversity building coping skills or character or whatever. there is a downside to this, that is, if a person has had many too many bad times in life, that person will develop a tolerance for adversity, & in its absence, will find it difficult to deal with too much goodness. so it is with me.

possibly more about this later, after my nap. my head hurts.

6 thoughts on “adversity

  1. Goddamn woman, are you sure you aren’t me?
    Well, as long as you’re in my head, make yourself at home, there’s coffee on and beer in the fridge.

  2. well as long as it remains internet-connected & we don’t go near the boy when he’s online, nobody gets hurt. get within 10 feet of him & he starts growling.

    i think we may have a little problem here. the only internet addiction i ever saw develop so strongly & quickly was my own, &, well, we know how that turned out.

  3. oh lady, i could only start to tell you of the computer issues i’ve dealt with over the years! i started dinking with these little machines in 1984, after six years experience with mainframes. i’ve been in a hole and on everest numerous times. (some think i’m bipolar!) coping skills, what are those. (quick, hand me that ballpeen hammer!!!!! that’ll fixit quick!) hang in there.

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