airbrained scatterhead

so, i drove downtown, took some pictures of the pier, which i didn’t like too much. drove back, stopped at von’s for donut holes & bananas. left the store, successfully ignoring the teen challenge lady stationed at the exit to solicit spare change to fund drug rehab (hey — i need my change — for drugs*). got home, walked in the house, set purse down, kid attacks me for his donuts. they’re right h… wha? uh, maybe they’re in the car. no.

yeah, back at the store.

this is not the worst i’ve done. there was the time i went through wendy’s drive-thru, paid for my burgers, drove home, pulled up in the driveway, looked down, no burgers. very, very sheepishly returned to wendy’s to collect them.

these types of things are just so fucking embarrassing.

*(note that i was perfectly straight, sober & well rested both times. i’m kidding about the drugs you know.)

maybe the reason i’m so absentminded is the midlife crisis i’m having right now, at this very minute. more on that subject here.

10 thoughts on “airbrained scatterhead

  1. Um, hi! That Wendy’s thing? Me too – almost. Caught myself in time! You’re not the only one who does things like that, don’t worry!!!

  2. i kind of worry that if i can be this forgetful, aren’t i rather dangerous to myself & others? might i forget red means stop, or that pedestrians dent your bumpers? what if those things slip my mind?

  3. i have to laugh… this is not something i do. but, what happens to me is that i’m charged for something i didn’t buy and didn’t get! so, when i get home, my bookkeeper wife looks over the receipt, asks “what’s this?” giving me a chance to sweat, then it’s back to the store to collect a refund. 🙂

    there’s not much difference, is there? so, i have to laugh! 😉

  4. Hang in there kd. Sounds like your going through some big bumps, but it’s got to get better right? Just keep thinking about all the fun we’ll have in Vegas. That keeps me smiling!

  5. There was one evening, I went to deposit this cheque. You know for cheque you just have to slot it into this opening, located outside the bank? Yes, and before that, I had to sign it. When done, I left. 10 minutes later, my handphone was nowhere to be found. I made a trip back to the bank. And my handphone was still on the counter. Guess the handphone left my hand while I needed to sign the cheque. Fortunate enough, no one was there depositing cheque or withdrawing money from the ATM in the last 10 minutes. God knows what my boyfriend would say if I’d lost the handphone! It’s a gift from him!

    I suspect it’s not midlife crisis, kd. Sometimes you really need to slow down your pace in doing things or running errand. Do it casually, take it easy…

  6. Psst – here’s a fun story. Once after being smooched in a particularly nice way I hopped in my car, and promptly drove/bumped into the car parked behind me! Which belonged to the bestoyer of the said smooch. *blush*

  7. I once filled my car up with totally the wrong kind of petrol; I had just been knocked sideways by a declaration of love.
    car OK: me still recovering.

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