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so i see that Skarlet says she should be chosen most caffienated blogger in the anti-bloggies, while Ezrael challenges her claim, & Batgrl takes a somewhat scholarly turn on the subject & provides some interesting links to caffeine resources (she is also the sponsor of the prize for the award). i can see this is going to be quite a race. i don’t suppose that the cappuccino machine in my kitchen & my view that chocolate covered espresso beans are a perfect breakfast food would put me in the running? naah. i’m a java junkie, sure, but i’m not in the league with these wired folk.

9 thoughts on “bloggers get wired

  1. i am willing to host, maintain, & recruit actual design help to put together a drunk blog, if there is any interest, just let me know! i think it would be a big ball of fun, & i already have a tagline in mind:

    ?I’ve never advocated alcohol, drugs, violence or insanity to anyone, but they’ve always worked for me?
    ~Hunter S. Thompson

  2. oh, i’m sure a lot of cappuccino machines are bigger & meaner than mine, but i love her anyway. she’s so good to me.

  3. I think next year Leia and Davezilla should change the category to “Able to surf, blog and comment all night *WITHOUT* the use of caffeine”.

    I think, in retrospect, this category is more commonplace than we though… though I must say the competition is hilarious!

  4. I thought the whole idea was fun – I really wanted to offer a prize for the cheese sandwich thing but all I could think of was a box of velveta and a loaf of bread – and neither would mail well, y’know? Plus the coffee down here is a big deal apparently. I’m a tea or Coke girl myself. Coffee makes me too hyper to do anything. Probably because I go for the chocolate expresso with whipped cream and the sugar and caffeine sends me into orbit.

  5. Actually, there should be a drunk blog. A communal blog where you have to be hammered off of your ass to post. That’s something I’d like to see.

  6. My posts are actually more lucid when I’m drunk, because i can only focus on one idea at a time. LOL.

    Share those chocolate covered espresso beans with me and I’ll share the “most caffeinated” title with you, cause Mr. Rossi doesn’t stand a chance against me.

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