14 thoughts on “does this scare you?

  1. While we are at it, let’s shoot all highschool teachers that often give bad grades, it will motivate students to do better and go on to become successful lawers and politicians. What say you?

  2. Oh. My. God. *She* should be executed. The author of the article does a great job of shooting Coulter down. Scary that she didn’t even backpedal when interviewed days later.

  3. yeah, i must say that living in the same country with her and about 3,500 others who cheered her on when she said that, is frightening.

    it’s like, a bunch of right wing religious zealots are trying to sieze control, just like… just like…

    naah, it couldn’t be like that, right? we’re the good guys.

  4. Instead of the liberals needing the re-education camps, how about all the pundits (on both sides) have to attend? Let some of the people with common sense pontificate for a while at high speakers’ fees! What a witch!

  5. kd, we live in Germany circa 1931. What we do now will have massive implications for the future of our nation. It’s exactly as you suggest…these people would rule us if we let them, like the fascists they are. They terrify me into outright condemnation of them.

  6. Miguel – That is SO true. You’d THINK that we’d just LEARN from Europe’s past, but NOOO…

    And how CAN we do something about it? I don’t know…

    I’D like to move to Canada…please?

  7. i’m with matt on this one. the quality of the rhetoric is really something, and it keeps getting worse when you think that would be impossible. that outright fascism can go unrecognized – today – by so many people for so long, and go unchallenged, is tragic, because it’s happened before, and we didn’t learn. i live in austria now, and many people i know are very sensitive to this – how a fascist state crept up on everyone, little people hoping they wouldn’t be affected, only the others were being carted off. eventually, we will be silenced one way or another if we don’t open our mouths now.

    except, how is that done?

  8. Coulter’s been steadily losing it for months now. I think she busted a gasket somewhere along the line after 9/11, because she used to be a pretty good pundit. Now she’s turning into another wingnut like Pat Buchanan.

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