dream hangovers

had them before, even blogged about them before. kind of an all-day malaise that follows certain dreams. not dreamlogging this one. there were extremely wistful passages & names were named. other parts were more entertaining. let’s just say that in the blogalympics in vegas, the part where you have to swim through a pool filled with large bunnies & teeny, tiny, sticky frogs? i’ll kick all your asses.

other, unwritten-about aspects of this dream will be conscious shadows, fading as the day goes, but never entirely. did i mention extremely wistful? it’s going to be a long hangover. maybe i should dreamlog the whole thing, in an attempt to get it out of me? or not..

2 thoughts on “dream hangovers

  1. i don’t even want to think about that hangover — acutally, with as much fun as it’s going to be, i don’t think i’ll mind. however, i really hope that we don’t have any contests that involve swimming with sticky little frogs. they’re way creepy.

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