flying the redeye

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me: [posts something breathaking]
&#183 &#183 &#183
commenter: give me back my breath, bitch.
me: no, mine now
interested third party: i sense a moment here
me: a momentary lapse of reason
commenter: that binds a life for life
&#183 &#183 &#183
hey, it could happen right?

5 thoughts on “flying the redeye

  1. no, just flying the redeye. quite literally in that case. whew. then my internet CRASHED & i couldn’t reconsider it if i wanted to.

  2. what i mean is, i’m not sure what i meant. i was reallyfuckingstoned at the time. i think it did make sense at that point. i’m looking at it now thinking ??

  3. i have my little stashy-poo squirrelled away so that the frito nazi, who smokes like a freakin’ chimney, doesn’t get into it when he runs out. what lasts me two, three weeks, is like, five minutes to him.

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