because i am not well and at work anyway even though i’m not well (did i mention i’m sick? i don’t do sick well.) so anyway, i found get your wurtzel on, which is based upon this nypost gossip which is all lifted from tom tomorrow which i had no idea was a weblog until just recently.

now, reading about elizabeth wurtzel is a great way of taking my mind off stuff, because no matter how bad my life is, at least i’m not her.

in other (unrelated) news the stress just got worse. but, there comes a point when you just stop reacting, i’m almost there.

7 thoughts on “gossip

  1. netdork, you are a wise, wise man.

    i have two lonely foster’s left in the fridge, i should go get a few more to keep them company as they soothe my throat.

  2. May I send you some virtual chicken soup? Well, that is if you have a cold, but if you’re fluish and feel like puking, I’ll send you some dry crackers.

    Ah, get well Mz. Thang!!

  3. I should read from bottom to top instead of top to bottom. Hel-lo. It’s stress that’s beating you down. In that case, I’ll send you some virtual man-whore play with, mmm-kay?

  4. Netdork is right – screw Nyquil, have a nice shot of 12yr old scotch and settle yourself down for a nice healing nap.

    I love the get your… on guy soooo much. And how awesome that Tom Tomorrow is blogging. Rawk!

    Note: while it’s nice to give him a shoutout, not all my SF Chronicle links come from Morford. I actually read the paper when I get up. We tend to have similar takes on SFGate (the Chronicle’s website) stories, as you mentioned a few times. I did have to ream him a shiny new one over his presentation of the Barclays bankers getting fired over their “soul crushingly innane display of excess wealth” – they were fired for buying expensive wine in a restaurant *with their own money*. Feh…

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