ok. so i discovered jeff buckley singing ?hallelujah?. ordered the CD but got impatient (imagine that) & downloaded ?grace? as well. listened, read the lyrics. read this bio about him. put the lyrics & the facts together…

lyrics & excerpt from bio are in ?more?.

Grace (J. Buckley/G. Lucas)

there’s the moon asking to stay
long enough for the clouds to fly me away
well it’s my time coming, i’m not afraid to die
my fading voice sings of love,
but she cries to the clicking of time
oh, time

wait in the fire…

and she weeps on my arm
walking to the bright lights in sorrow
oh drink a bit of wine we both might go tomorrow
oh my love

and the rain is falling and i believe
my time has come
it reminds me of the pain
i might leave
leave behind

wait in the fire…

and i feel them drown my name
so easy to know and forget with this kiss
i’m not afraid to go but it goes so slow

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The facts then as they are: Thursday night, May 29, Buckley was hanging out with a friend at the Mud Island Harbour marina, half a mile inland off the Mississippi River in Memphis, Tennessee. He and the friend were listening to a stereo and playing a guitar when Buckley waded, fully clothed, waist-high into the water. He started singing and laid back on the water, when a boat went by causing waves to come in to the shore.

The friend on shore turned his back to move the stereo away from the incoming waves and when he turned around, he couldn’t see Buckley. After a 10-minute search, the friend called local police. The Memphis police department began dragging the waters that night and continued to do so – for two days afterward. Harsh rains hampered their search efforts. They also checked, in vain, on the chance of him having wandered out the water. Friends were contacted and people in the area of the marina questioned. They came up with nothing.

Jeff Buckley simply vanished.

He was found three days later by passengers on a steam boat, who saw a body in an Altamont T-shirt tangled up in some branches on the riverside, near Harbor Island.

He was 30 years old.

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  1. I have that CD. Well, actually, it’s my husband’s CD, but I currently have possession of it. (and that is 9/10 of the law, ya know) 😉

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