how to feel sick…

…when you would otherwise feel quite fine.

yesterday, breakfast: sausage egg & cheese biscuit
yesterday, lunch: 2 jack in the box tacos, 3 stuffed jalape?os
yesterday, dinner: most of a large bean rice & cheese burrito
today, breakfast: the rest of chris’s burrito from last night
today, lunch-ish: a breakfast burrito, extra salsa
today, afternoon-ish: the rest of my bean rice & cheese burrito from last night
today, dinner: couple bites chow mein. tums. pepcid.


5 thoughts on “how to feel sick…

  1. Your tummy must be yelling at you girl! lol
    Thank you so much for that link, It will be helpful 🙂 and special thanks for your sweet comment, made me smile 🙂

  2. I learned a similar lesson. . .

    today breakfast: nutrigrain bar, FOUR coffees, one OJ
    today lunch: huge bowl of hot spicy japanese noodles with cilantro and sprouts, water
    today dinner: more juice, more water, hot sweet curry cous cous

    result: severe gastrointestinal distress

  3. i’m just now recovering fully. that sort of thing has, er, “afteraffects” that last for a couple days.

    yesterday i had a smoothie for lunch & today, a salad. i’m learning.

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