i win!!

i am so excited i can’t even think, or, maybe that’s just how i am most of the time anyway. in any case, i have received a blorgi for Benevolent Web Presence (so my bribes of sneaking into the templates in the middle of the night to do good web fairy things have been accepted! excellent! fits in with my nefarious plans!)

that’s me. nefarious & benevolent, all in the same breath. wheeeeeeeeee! thanks Bob.

15 thoughts on “i win!!

  1. All of the awards on the internet could never begin to express what the blog world owes to you. thanks for everything.

  2. Nefarious and KDKelly in the same sentence. I think not………………………Nevah !Evah! Nevah!
    My interneck FairyGodMother………..
    The Internet Icon !
    I give you KD Kelly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Maybe it’s just me, but I got hit on so many times last night at the club after people found out I got one of those. Did it work for you?

  4. didn’t i set that up? i guess i didn’t. boy, am i lagging! i’ll do that this evening if you remind me in an email, ok?

    i did give you a directory & passwords to upload stuff, right?

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