i’m weird

so my daughter was like, just walk down the street and get the car and come give me a ride and i was all, no, i’ll be ready at five-ish, like i said. so she was like, oh, pleeeeeease, mommy? so i was like, i’m not even dressed and she was all, what? and i’m like, since we got the second computer and they’re on this network sharing the dsl line and there’s, you know, the internet and all, so on saturdays we sit around the house in our underwear on our computers. then i was all, and you know what? _lots_ of people do this, it’s way fun.

and she said, mom? you’re weird.

10 thoughts on “i’m weird

  1. actually, my daughter doesn’t even talk like that. and it really, really bugs her when i do.

    she often wishes she had a normal mommy.

  2. i believe we were cut of the same cloth, kd. yasss, yass…my poor kid hates me already.

    oh, and doesn’t everbody sit on the computer all day Saturdays? that’s as American as jello puddin’.

  3. well, my daughter disapproves, but my four year old son is on nick.com in the next room as we speak. we didn’t get fully dressed or out of the house till after 5 pm. but, hey, we had fun!

    only problem is that he gets REALLY into the games & puts off going to the bathroom till way too late.

  4. actually, when chris and i were discussing the whole peeing while on the computer, he said, and i quote ?you do the same thing. i hear your chair squeak and squeak and then you finally get up and
    scamper to the bathroom real quick?.

    so, yeah, i understand. i’ll sit and squirm for a while till i actually get up & go. but if i was 4, or 5, then, yeah, i probably wouldn’t make it.

  5. Does he pee his pants? Because my 5 yo will be playing his video games and will still have “accidents.” If I were five, I might do the same thing.

  6. hey, i had a dream that was a jacques cousteau documentary about having sex with fish, in the whole dream i was standing in waist-high warm water as jacques said ?eet was a totally new sensation for zee feesh, but a familiar one for phillipe and i?

    so standing in waist high dreamwater, with fish swimming around my thighs, i did not pee the bed.

    i’m so proud.

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