in any case

historically i have gotten some flak for my obsession with lowercase letters & the &. sometimes i don’t get any flak at all so i go find some & bring it home. radical bender (an interesting site i found in my referrer logs) muses about this oddity, & i feel once again compelled to defend my tendencies.

i like it because i think words are prettier that way. it actually takes quite a bit of effort to switch back & forth between the two types of typing, as in, between business & personal. sure i could code this weblog to make everything lowercase but sometimes i do use caps, say, if i want to raise my voice. this lowercase thing is really my soft southern california accent & little girl voice (the one i use when i want something, & am not pissed for not getting it yet).

so, in not as many words as i’d like it to have been, that’s why. i could go on, but i won’t. i’m absurdly happy right now because things got very fussy around here earlier so i angrily bummed a cigarette. i lit it, took two puffs, & realised, i don’t want this thing.

7 thoughts on “in any case

  1. Interesting. I myself try really hard to capitalize according to the rules they beat into my skull at school, and I do so because it’s somehow aesthetically pleasant to me to look at a sentence and see that capital letter at the beginning. Soothing, somehow. But I don’t space adequately between the end of one sentence and the beginning of the next…I never have, even though I’m quite aware of the rule…and I use ellipses even though I don’t need to.

    I once told someone that I considered my idiosyncratic flouting of the rules of grammar and punctuation to be the perogative of one who has thoroughly learned them. For some reason, that tickled me sufficiently that the memory of it has remained with me.

  2. Regarding the cigarette: I quit drinking about 18 months ago after roughly 30 years, except for one or two at the Christmas season. I had a couple of beers while wrapping presents, and couldn’t figure out why I had ever liked the taste of the stuff. If I could do the same with tobacco, I’d be in hog heaven. Be strong, kd!

  3. i would be stronger if i were more convinced i really wanted to quit. i’m not, really. convinced that is. but something in me is making me babble on & on about the subject, so on some level of consciousness, the wanting is there.

    i really feel like not quitting this weekend. i really do.

    oh, & radical? this is only my personal preference, others may not have such a girly outlook on the subject. & Matt? i think i’ll adopt your explanation of this grammar-rule flouting. i like it better than mine.

  4. See, I told you. Well, I told you that if you had it, it would just burn out and you’d be back where you started.

    But you aren’t because you went gag. Good kd.

  5. I like the no caps thing. It is you, and a part of your persona on here and I would miss it much if it were any different. You like to be different and that I love, as in different from others is very good…Huggles!

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