looking for ms. muse

fumbling around. too much to think. more than i can say at one sitting, or even if i had a day, a whole day just to myself with this computer & some peace, in which to let the flood of words rush out onto the lighted page & save them & release them as time & attention spans permit. oh, i could theoretically write, right now. but realistically, i can’t.

i would like to write about weblogging friendships & what they have done for me, about the seventeen count ’em seventeen links i have saved to add to my already overwhelming list of blogs to read. the past two, three days i have gone through that entire linklist over there in the sidebar, more or less, along with some others. this is excessive, i know. it ate up all the time i might have devoted to projects i have pending, but that’s what it’s meant to do, isn’t it? distraction. diversion. the giving & receiving of attention. the taking of attention from the matters at hand, which tend to stress me anyway. this surfing is only a shifting of the stress, really.

i had almost the inspiration for an actual design, i am about through with these default templates i’ve only just shaded in & lived with for the two months six days this blog of mine has existed. it begain as an experiment with movable type & quickly got out of hand (imagine that! i mean, who knew?). now it is… this, another part of the too much i have to do these days. i love it, i do.

& with that i’d like to thank you for visiting & reading, & then go & get myself some rest, not right away mind you, but soon. maybe it’s rest that would clear my head enough to express all these too many things i’m thinking?

5 thoughts on “looking for ms. muse

  1. ahh, i was just meditating on the wonders of MT. i do that. i sit around thinking what great software it is.

    hmm.. maybe i should be getting ready for work instead of sitting & thinking?

  2. kd, you got me set on the road to MT too, and I’ve never looked back. Though recently when I sit around and meditate it’s on the wonders of Linux and how lost I’d be without my Suse 7.1 to replace Windows.

  3. i’d also like to thank you for writing. in a world of bloggers who are usually quite intelligent, but not always wise, it’s nice to see some folk who actively cultivate a little wisdom and aren’t afraid to admit it.

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