loving the internet

oh, i love the internet.

so, i get this email. lady desperately searching the internet for dale earnhardt checkbook cover & found this entry on old surreally, & she emailed me. now, the company that makes the checks (which i have, or chris does) has a site that that is all in java server pages & virtually unsearchable, so once again the power of the personal weblog surfaces in that she was able to find someone with the actual item that knew the company that sold those checks that… emailed her right back with the pertinent info. i just love doing stuff like this. makes me happy.

speaking of happy i have just completed making individual archives for all the surreallists, learning more everyday about utilizing the power that is Movable Type.

& later tonight i have another internet related project to do, that is going to be such delightful fun. i can barely wait, but i must. timing is everything. (stay tuned, this is going to get good).

10 thoughts on “loving the internet

  1. update on delightful fun: it was EXCELLENT when Melly discovered all the sites, & so much fun to wish her a happy birthday this way.

  2. I’m glad Melly had a great birthday! But I got motion sickness after leaving here and finding all the other sites done this way too. Felt like I was trapped in the twilight zone! I’m okay though. Don’t worry about me or anything … 🙂

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