a view. from the mall across the street. life’s good.

oh yeah. one more, or really a few more things: i have been regularly using the poem generator linked in the sidebar, & saving the results. the last three, slightly edited, are featured in ?more?. i am going to make them their own blog, they are that wonderful.

&#183 &#183 &#183
kd blog poem: generate kd,
a morning as if any better,
job of excellent
symbolism of
hoopty a couple things
worn in public.
then there was the living room.
the mail says a long
history of an abrupt stop
so she has
been a java applet & if you are the
bad samaritan: dsr poetry lovelinks enter email to
the facts together… lyrics & excerpt
from bio about
him. at sunset & took some
i would tell you,
&#183 &#183 &#183
kd elsewhere:
BlogCon2002surreally board surreally
dreaming i ate
some pictures i drove home, pulled up with a
god above but
my obscure personal
hero of my outlook.
i think i discovered jeff buckley singing
?hallelujah?. to
tell you,
it is done there
somewhere. today, a link
to stitch together &
make a couple things
just yellow,
DSL indicator, flickered from
i disapprove of the first words out
for a
broken hallelujah ordered the unmitigated stress
of the pier, a kd function OpenComments
c { window.
open ://door household, & he prefers over bowls
the love? the
mail says a whole camera manual
not me offline but that we
have a newborn puppy, eyes
closed, whining softly, when you feel sick… …
&#183 &#183 &#183
kd cam recently posted:
on 02&#183at the rest of
which to slake the matters at 11:48
am | Comments 6 yesterday
breakfast: the light a broken hallelujah ordered
the bite
got well, i could theoretically write, about
the first time
nibbling me of posts:
archives february 2002
december 2001 powered
by mark morford, for lyrics
i love well he
prefers over
this one sitting, or written anything so
friday evening the
unmitigated stress me to
the variations between the
heater in
undies. the
mail says a couple
brown recluse spiders,
which reminded her & me about him. wandering around
the box tacos, fell asleep on 02&#18319&#18302 at
11:57 am | Comments 8 tenacious flea we are, celebrating
this. too. posted looking for
a breakfast the olympics.
&#183 &#183 &#183

6 thoughts on “mallview

  1. KD,
    Thank you for the post about the DTD, that seemed to do the trick and I can see the full page. I’m still having other issues that I can’t figure out. Thanks for the help! 🙂

  2. oh, these are perfect. yes, you should definitely do a blog. maybe a public blog so others can post their poems? no, that wouldn’t work… well, something.

  3. mmm… well, i just pointed mine at the sun & clicked the button. it actually looked much different, the sun was more of a mellow orange ball & there was an interesting cloud layer out over the ocean, which you can just see from the mall. (“pacific view mall”). i liked how it came out though, the spectral effects in the light.

    one day people will be bored to tears by my obsession with pictures of the sun setting over the ocean. i never, ever get tired of it.

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