not really

is what i’d answer if you asked if i’m ok. not really not ok either, but definitely an off day. i suspect that the physical symptoms are more stress related than anything else, my mind has the ability to take my body hostage and do it harm if its demands aren’t met.

the mind’s demands are most assuredly not being met. this is only temporary and entirely subjective; i will get over it when the mind changes, not when the facts change. the facts don’t change much, the mind changes all the time.

11 thoughts on “not really

  1. i know you were kidding. no, i’m really actually sick, well, i mean, there’s nothing wrong with me other than stress, which makes it hard to breathe, which in turn causes me to hurt all over from the effort.

    i’ll be better when the advil kicks in. all five of ’em. really.

  2. and besides i really like the way this looks. i didn’t like it at first but now, it’s soothing. not many things in my life are, but this is.

    and it’s mostly CSS and yet still works in many, many browsers and loads like greased fucking lightning. a dialup holdout should appreciate that sort of effort into cross browser CSS.

  3. Bummer. I hope you feel better soon- seems there’s something going around in the wake of winter’s last gasp… lots of folks catching a ‘Crud’ (n. flu-like illness of the generic variety. Usually difficult to shake in early Spring due to many rapid temp changes).
    Try and get plenty of sleep, if possible! -cr

  4. it always makes me feel better when my friend justin says, ‘hey there sugar booger’, so i am gonna say, ‘hey there sugar booger, you feel better soon!’

  5. sugar booger? eww. well, it’s bronchitis this morning, and i’m not smoking at the moment… sadly, not ruling it out for whenever i feel better.

    really i’m not that sick, i just … like to whine about it alot.

  6. hey… want me to come over and give you a tx? You know, being the super terrorist that I am.

    you still not smoking? kinda sorta?

    poor baby… get unstressed kd.

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