nothing, part 2 7

so technically this is the (by my calculations) seventh entry in which if it weren’t for song lyrics, moody pictures of trees & clouds, & instances of having a really big buzz, i would have had nothing. i have not actually had any original thoughts or written anything in some time now. my cat is holed up in the closet & so i can’t take pictures of him at the moment unless i want you to see how messy my closets are.

i would go take pictures of stuff outside of the house but my foot hurts (big piece of glass, yesterday). kind of excellent symbolism of the way things are going.

i’ll have more nothing for you later on, feel free to not stay tuned.

7 thoughts on “nothing, part 2 7

  1. I will be glad to discuss Leonard Cohen with you.
    I used to be hot for him, as in H-O-T.

    But then I found out that he named his daughter Lorca, after the depressed and suicidal Spanish poet, and this was too much information for me.

    But then i found out he bnecame a Buddhist monk, and this cooled me off completely.

    But then I found out that Jennifer Warrens is his girlfriend, so I got a little bit hot again for him.

    The above ramble is why I need to take a rest from blogging – actually nothing to say. Nothing at all.

  2. Hey a description of my blog would be “batgrl babbles about nothing all the time.” There’s nothing wrong with bloggin about nothing.

    So, do you think the folks who came up with the Banana Splitz tv show were stoned out of their minds or what?

  3. yes, yes they were. you know what i’d love to do? twist up a fattie & spend a whole weekend analyze the entire Banana Splitz series for hidden stoner references.

    & then i could hang out with BtC & we could talk up that Leonard Cohen, after that CD i ordered gets here & i’ll have some frame of reference.

  4. upon further consideration maybe it’s been a lot longer than seven entries.

    so that brings up the question of why do i do this? i refuse to consider that at this point, since for some reason even doing more or less nothing here, feels good. one of the few things that do. so i’m going to keep doing it.

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