nothing, part 8

well, i ate jack in the box tacos, fell asleep on the couch, woke up (ate some tums) & decided i needed to get out for a bit. so i went to the pier at sunset & took enough pictures to stitch together & make one of those 360? picture thingys of the pier. (that’s a java applet & if you have a slow connection, be patient). please excuse the variations between the pictures, i really should have gotten there earlier or … well, there’s a whole camera manual i’ve not even opened, presumably i’d be able to do a better job of this. as it is, i’m encouraged & will continue to try to get more of these panoramic scenes.

ok, & here’s my cat drinking dirty dishwater which he prefers over bowls of actual fresh water. & yes, i didn’t do the dishes today. i didn’t feel like it, ok?

20 thoughts on “nothing, part 8

  1. ok, maybe this one isn’t exactly “nothing”. i mean pics of sunsets may be clich?d & bad 360? panoramas with bad lighting changes may not be great, but if it’s effort that counts, well, i walked briskly from a parking structure to a pier on a sore foot to get this content.

    so it’s probably something. oh well, more nothing later, for sure!

  2. my next project is to go there in the daytime on a really clear day & walk out to the end of the pier & get pics like that. i’ll get better as i learn more stuff about how the software works, for free stuff it sure does a decent job blending & stitching.

  3. cool beans, KD. i love the 360 [insert little circle] thingie! awesome. i noticed only one “glitch” or whatever. good job.

    you do know your kitty only drinks the dishwater because it irks you?

  4. i love the pixaround pic! from my vantage point here in okieland it looks so exotic.

    your cat looks like a sibling to my cat cookie who likes to drink out of the fish water.

  5. Cute kitty =o) All cats prefer dirty dishwater and all dogs prefer to drink from the toilet – and I’ve heard about people who has done it too ;o)
    It’s a fine blog you’ve got here b.t.w.

  6. the sofware is a free, “lite” version of pixaround. all you have to do is take a series of pictures, standing in one place and turning in a circle, & then select them with the sofware, it matches up the edges & stitches them together, blending them quite nicely. then it makes a java applet that spins the picture. totally cool stuff.

  7. undertoad — i understand fishwater, i mean, it would taste fishy, right? but dishwater? ick.

    nick – my cat has been known to drink out of the toilet but never long enough for me to grab a camera. &… thanks!

    toxic — i think he is mostly persian? he came with the house, used to be Chris’s mom’s cat, & she probably doesn’t remember where he came from.

    hoopty — i believe you. i do.

  8. Get in line, Hoopty was crazy first, then me, then you. kd needs to put one of those ticket machines in here.
    Oh yeah, nice pictures, but where’s the snow?

  9. cool panorama!
    cute cat too… my mom has the same strainer thingy as you. when i was a kid, i used to put it on my head and pretend i was an alien..

    i still do sometimes. *g* and she still yells at me that food has to go in it and to get it off my head :O)

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