5 thoughts on “perceptions

  1. i’ve been reading that site since that post (off & on, i mean, i did have the usual life-type distractions), & i think i’m almost done reading it from newest to oldest. when i get to the first one i think i might go back in the opposite direction.

    & yes, i very much needed to be distracted from my own thoughts today. otherwise i can’t imagine myself reading the same site for that long. oh yeah, it’s also great. but really. all day? i’m avoiding my own mind, i am…

  2. I only read the linked one and the one it linked to itself. Then I made myself stop. I used to go out and look for ways to stir up trouble just for the fun of it, but I am too old to have ideas put in my head. I might go out and try to regain my reckless youth, and that would be, well, not bad, but it would create complications I’m not ready to pay the consequences for right now.

    Neverthessless, thanks for the “distraction.”

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