search & rescue

i was on my way to drop off my daughter at work downtown when three very, very large helicopters flew by very low overhead. after dropping her off i took a detour by surfer’s point, to see what i could see.

the first thing i saw was that an asshole had parked his rather unremarkable truck in such a manner that three spaces in a very crowded beach parking lot were taken.

then we wandered down to surfer’s point, down the rocky, eroded beach path, and my son had great fun picking up rocks and throwing them at other rocks. during this time the helicopters were flying in a circular pattern over the water, from several miles offshore to right over the beach and back. (note to self: next time i get a really good deal on a used digicam, i will make sure it has a zoom lens).

we got down to the point, where people were sailboarding. looks fun. would have pics but (see note above). we then discovered an interesting structure made of driftwood, perhaps a vacation dwelling of Primitive Beach Man, or Beachopithicus. the circle of rocks in front of the open side suggests a place to build a fire, but no evidence of recent combustion was found, which suggests that as time went on, more sophisticated tribes, Homo Beachus, for instance, discovered that fire drew too much attention to their partying activities. in any case, i’m planning to go back there next weekend and hang out in the cozy little driftwood cave, let my son play with rocks and sticks and sand, which he really does love to do, as evidenced by the way he howled all the way back to the car when we had to leave.

about halfway back to the car, noticed quite a few people drawn to the helicopter activity, which seemed to have settled to one place. one copter, quite far offshore, hovering low. i hope they found who they were looking for and that everything worked out alright.

11 thoughts on “search & rescue

  1. I don’t know about the helicopters, but:

    1. That structure looks mighty inviting. Can I come next time?
    2. You are on a writing roll girlfriend. It’s good, it’s very good.

  2. oh! we have plans for next weekend, you should drive down! i’m serious, you could crash on my couch, it’s only a 5 hour drive if you average 80-85mph. i know this for a fact.

    anyway i was just discussing this with my son, i showed him the pics and said, we can go there next weekend and he said he’d like to build something. i’m going to lay my beach blanket inside, rock the boombox, and watch my son construct something out of rocks and sticks and sand and whatever else we can avail ourselves of.

    it’s going to be such fun.

  3. yes! plans! join!

    come to ventura next weekend. i’m serious. we have the cool rocky surfer beaches!

    we’re going to build stuff. anyone within range should attend.

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