the drive to work

ever dislike someone intensely, on sight, immediately? like, the second you see him jerk his dirty, ratty-looking toyota corona into the next lane & weave past you with his puffy hair & swerve his ugly piece of shit car back & forth as he comes to an abrupt stop in the next lane, several car lengths ahead of you? & then as he’s sitting there even though nothing changes around him, not the light, nothing, he’s lunging forward, & when the light turns green you get in behind him so you can continue to avidly dislike him for a few more blocks? repulsed by the the way he leans his frizzy-haired head into the swervy turns, tailgating everything for no reason, weaving back & forth as if barely able to contain himself from passing (illegally)? & then you get right behind him at the light & you notice his registration expired last year & that for some reason pisses you off even more (even though you yourself have a long history of lagging on such things)? no? well, it happened to me this morning.

there is a slight possibility that i’m in less than a good mood.

15 thoughts on “the drive to work

  1. It’s Bill Gate’s fault. He hates us. And somehow he is managing to interject his hellish torture into every facet of our lives. He and his ASP minions must be stopped. Bill Gates is pure evil.

  2. yeah, how can anyone feel charitable toward fellow drivers when on their way to a day filled with visual studio, ASP, & frustration… it’s ugly. it’s so very ugly.

  3. I still have no idea what ASP is but the more y’all mention it – I fear ASP. It is evil. It must be in league with the carnivorious Thing that lives under the house….

  4. Dang it – y’all got me so freaked over the ASP I forgot –

    Happy Mardi Gras!
    *throws beads, candy, and a big bottle of asperin!*
    *shhh – and a lil flask of some parade cheer*

  5. you know, it’s probably not bad if you’re not spoiled to the logical, powerful combination of PHP & MySQL, which makes sense & is also open source, which means there is a huge support base out there on the web. on the other hand you have ASP, a Microsoft plot if i ever saw one. if you have a problem & want info, of course, you can always go right to the Microsoft knowledge base (hahaha) but it’s recommended that first you reach around & give yourself a great, big wedgie.

  6. i hate stuiped drivers. If there is one thing i can’t stand, and want to kill, mame, disfigure, burn, shoot, stab, blowup, infect, smash, evaportate, make null, void, kick in the nuts, slap in the face, and generally make life hell for, are stuiped drivers. Stuiped drivers and also those responcible for both ASP and Netscape.

  7. nah, bf, i find (at least according to their blogs) that all bloggers are excellent drivers, & well-qualified to judge the driving of others, too.

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