the headache

around four, the headache set in. not pounding but piercing & sharp, though not focused into a particular point.

i blame microsoft, the system, the media, & all the other various & sundry powers that would be, for paining me so. how am i supposed to figure all this out, conform (at least minimally) to accepted standards of behaviour, & either cope or ignore the pressure, respectively, all at once? especially when it grips my skull so tightly & makes me want to fold my arms on the desk & lay my head down & escape by blaming faceless institutions for my issues.

there is no escape. nor should there be. & the entities i’ve blamed are entirely unrelated to the real reason, which is just as intractable as the generalized, vague forces described in the prior paragraph. but it’s easier that way, & does not interfere with my quality of life (as it stands, nothing to go shouting to the heavens about but better than nothing). speaking in terms intended to obfuscate the facts while still acheiving release is more challenging than literally addressing the issues.

the desired end result is (hopefully) a post which is piercing, sharp, but not focused into a particular point.

7 thoughts on “the headache

  1. sometimes the buttons get clicky? it’s ok. i’ve been messing with templates. must stop, it’s far too late for that, but my nap was a wee touch too long, so i am unfortunately wide awake.

    the danger of long naps it that they energize me to mess with templates at this hour.

  2. i love naps, particularly when i have a headache. i take a couple of ibuprofen (up to 800mg if it’s really bad), drink a cup of coffee or tea, go lie down, and cover my eyes. if i can sleep, then most of the time i’ll wake without the headache.

    you write well, headache or none, although i don’t always understand some of the implications; i just don’t know you well enough (yet). nonetheless, i keep coming back to see what kd has to say, in part because she has SOMETHING to say. you can make strong statements without being strident. that’s particularly good.

    i see that someone else got a keybounce too. i’m glad i’m not the only one…. (digs mistress angelique 🙂

  3. hope you feel better soon, my friend. you sure write good with a headache, though. i’m totally worthless when i have one.

    oh, wait – i’m worthless without one.

  4. ahh, no, i came home, took three advils & a nap, THEN wrote about the headache. i’m useless with one too. especially staring at stupid ASP code & thinking: ow. duh. ow duh. duh. etc.

    oh thanks for that about the writing. i try.

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