the morning fix

so i’ve been subscribing to the morning fix by mark morford for quite some time now, it is hard to imagine a morning without my fix. i am much better informed these days, for instance, just now i found out that rosie o’donnell might be gay. [gasp] who knew?

good thing about having a weblog is that when you got nothin’, well, there’s always something out there somewhere. today, i give you mark morford, a personal hero of mine.

3 thoughts on “the morning fix

  1. Yep, she’s gay..We have gone very far…If this had happen in another era, she would have been canned. And the fact that she loves kids, would not have improved the situation.
    We’ve come a long way!!

  2. true, true. it sometimes pains me that people think they need to try to hide something that obvious for as long as they do. hopefully it will continue to get better & people will be able to be themselves.

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