this isn’t what i meant to do

i really intended to give this place a design, & ended up just fooling with the stylesheets. i did actually make up a separate blog for the poem generator, but of course it looks about the same as this does.

boring. still just defaults.

probably going to continue to change things, over the next few days weeks months or however long it takes me to have an actual idea.

8 thoughts on “this isn’t what i meant to do

  1. ok, it’s morning now & i like it better than i did last night. fixed a couple of oopsies in the comment box templates, got a few more little things to tune up here & there, otherwise, i’m much happier with it now.

  2. I don’t even think I have the NAME of my blog on my blog at the moment. I’m out of ideas, myself. I like it here, though, kd. It IS very simple–very easy to read and navigate–that’s the most important part, and you’ve got that down. 😀

  3. not to mention that it is very, very cross browser, all the way back to NS4 even though it’s not quite as pretty.

    damn that netscape 4, this would be 100% CSS if not for the problems with overlapping elements near the bottom of some of the <divs>, which forced me to toss in a couple tables. just little ones, though.

    hey did you guys see the new blog i made to put those poems i make with the poem generator thingy?

    it’s linked over there, “poemgen” plus i have the five most recent entries in an include file in this sidebar.

    god, MT rocks so hard.

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