twelve hours of sleep

chronic lack of sleep sneaks up on me & knocks me out for awhile:

9:00 fall asleep on couch
12:00 wake up, check email, consider getting in chat, surf a little
12:30 go to bed, have a little trouble falling asleep, but not too much (i was ready to let myself get right back up again & get on the computer if i couldn’t sleep)
2:30 wake up from nightmare in which my kid was taken away from me becasue i was asleep on the couch
3:40 cat jumps on bed. i get up & have a cookie, come back to find cat has taken over pillow. cookie in one hand, i grab cat with the other & remove him from my spot
4:40 son crawls into the middle of the bed, makes himself comfortable.
6:50 wake up feeling almost refreshed, thinking, this sleep thing could be a post, consider getting up & blogging, then think, naah
7:50 all the creatures are stirring, i stay in bed
8:50 finally drag my ass out of bed

times are approximate. memory is hazy, but most of them for some reason had sevens after them. i think. in any case, this is pretty typical of my sleep patterns, minus the outside interruptions — i never get more than a few hours sleep at a time, & live by my naps. i love naps.

i’m feeling pretty darn perky right now. i think i’ll have a cappuccino & some of those chocolate covered espresso beans & see what that much caffeine does to the well rested mind & body.

4 thoughts on “twelve hours of sleep

  1. First thing I did with my cat was to train him that the pillow is MINE!
    And there’s something kinda nice about falling asleep on the couch.
    Like you know you don’t have to rocket out of the house at 7am and have to be somewhere on time.

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