yellow nothing

all evening, the dsl indicator flickered from green to yellow, but generally the internet was up, slow & funky, but up. then right after midnight, it went completely down.

i woke up this morning & asked the morning person: do we have internet? (these were the first words out of my mouth). ?yeah? (i brighten) ?but it’s yellow. & i couldn’t load the whole weather page? (oh).

i actually got to work before 9AM today for the first time in i don’t know how long. briefly, at home, i tried to get the email to download. nothing. just… yellow nothing.

i want my little green icon back. i’m scared.

8 thoughts on “yellow nothing

  1. i’m about an hour from going home, & i’m dreading seeing that yellow light when i get there, knowing that it could be the whole weekend with a tenuous or nonexistent connection.

    *shudder* must stop thinking about it.

  2. little. yellow. diff…oh wait. i hope that you are up to full speed again soon, kd! i was clobbered by a stomach bug…and even being out of commission for just 2 days, i missed reading you so much! and i am anxiously awaiting some more blog award so that i can nominate ‘tenacious flea’ for a best tag line award…you rock, doll!

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