well, the song i was obsessed by yesterday (& continue to be today, i now have versions by three different artists on my hard drive & several CDs in the mail) says a lot about my outlook.

i also took some pictures yesterday, on my way home from work, of a couple things i saw that felt familiar, somehow. first there was the way the sun couldn’t quite break through the clouds, & then there were these trees. i wonder if any of this was related to the sugar crash i was no doubt having. for instance, consider what i had for breakfast (& the rest of the eating day wasn’t any better, i assure you.)

& now i am in the throes of the unmitigated stress of friday evening staring at that solid yellow DSL indicator, which so far isn’t keeping me offline but is making me plenty nervous anyway.

other than that, i’ve not got much to say today.

6 thoughts on “yesterday

  1. The first two pictures remind me of “Hazy Shades of Winter” by Simon & Garfunkel.
    Last picture of breakfast..
    Now you’re talking…mmmmmm cake…..mmmmm frosting….. I want another piece!!
    One just would not do…

  2. sadly, no ice cream. but that was one big piece of cake, yes? & i ate more later. then i had the huge white chocolate (well, pink chocolate, technically) to eat for the rest of the day, on into the next… fattening week.

  3. Now that looks like a good old fashioned breakfast, kd. You do, however, need a nice big scoop of calcium packed ice cream to go with it. Yeah.

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