a year and a half

?experimental in nature & futile in the most boring way possible, i guess. but it’s a start.?

that’s what i posted on 10 sep 2000, 18 months ago today, my very first blogger entry. kind of a ?testing 1-2-3? with what was supposed to be a clever twist.

i then went on to ramble about templates and netscape and trying to find a purpose.

i still don’t have one. i’m ok with that.

11 thoughts on “a year and a half

  1. well, i thought so at first, but apparently purpose is optional. either that or i’ve got it all wrong. i think some people have purposes? or maybe they have porpoises, and that’s what confused me.

  2. sometimes I have a tendency to get too involved and it overtakes anything else….
    It’s that addictive personality I guess…

  3. OMG! You too? And I thought mine was the only one without one of those … You just don’t know how relieved I am!

  4. ROFL..this comments thread is the funniest thread I’ve seen in a while. You guys crack me up, totally. kd! Happy Anniversary! (late)

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