and now…

i wish for once i could catch all my thougts and get them written, but it happens when my mind’s wandering and i have no idea they’re going to make sense till well after i’ve forgotten where they started.

in the writing of that sentence, a whole thought-train derailed and left me here …

struggling for words. i know i’ll feel better in the morning, i’m going to take the day off. had i planned in advance and submitted a form, i’d be here without a time i had to be up and out of the house, good thing. must go to work and submit form at a decent hour, which means i can’t languish till noon, procrastinating even more. i have things to do. after these things are done, (hint: this involves a trip to the bankruptcy court in santa barbara) i will be much more relaxed and find it easier to handle the stress that is my web presence at this moment.

it’s a bit much, yes?

ok, i like it this way, but i’m in need of some firm solid life-base from which to operate at this level. i’ve been failing, actually — have projects that have languished a month (sorry, mig) which are fully formed in the idea stage but awaiting my implementation. i have lagged on this, among other things, spending my time surfing and commenting, reaching out in my way, finding excellent friendships that in fact sustain me.

(thank you for being here reading this)

it will be ok. it will be ok. it will be ok.

it will. really.

9 thoughts on “and now…

  1. What’s stressful for me is getting caught up in “blogging” and like a drug, it keeps me from doing other things…. the “12 Steps?” Just apply them to blogging. Sometimes it fits pretty well.

    I feel better about myself when I do what I have to do, and quit procrastinating. Difficult, yes. Rewarding, yes!

    just do it kd.

  2. i’m also an excellent procrasty… i have to remind myself regularly, “if i eat my live toad the first thing in the morning, then i can be assured it will be the worst thing to happen to me all day.” 🙂

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