and, the randomness continues

i’m seeing a theme this weekend: randomness and pokemon and benadryl and sunsets and donuts and eggs and nakedness and chrome teapots and old white men doing urban cliches. somehow, it seemed a good time for an out of context:

“You’re still going to have to do some things like painting and stuff to get the house ready to sell,” she said, no longer just content on raining on my parade but hellbent on creating a flash flood to sweep all the floats and Shriners away.uncle bob

I went outside wearing my pajamas and my scarf and my winter hat with nothing on my feet, carrying my stuffed penguin. we played hide and seek in the bushes until my toes were too numb to move anymore, and then I came inside and washed them off, all tinglywarm in the bathtub with the penguin still in my lap.wockerjabby

We are handing out a free cannoli with the purchas of any specialty coffee drink at work, and I swear, the way people take to the pastry makes me feel like a drug dealer. “First one’s always free, kid. See you again… very soon, I’m sure.” [Extreme close-up shot: evil, knowing smug grin, fade to black]lillywonka

Twenty minutes later, I was lying supine on the floor, sweating. The lights came back on, the floor started to hum, and the elevator edged upward.maggeh

she would stand stock still, feeling for tiny movements under her feet. and then quite suddently, she’d pounce and come up with a little gray mouse, its tail hanging out of her mouth as she struggled to gobble it up in one big gulp. portiastar

out of context, an original batgrl idea

and, say-say requested a picture of the cup, so here it is.

there’s a very real possiblility i’ll have to go to the beach today; there will very likely be pictures if i do.

7 thoughts on “and, the randomness continues

  1. I’m starting to think that kd works for Krispy Kreme… the colonel cup is sitting on a napkin from the infamous doughnut place, hot-now is one of the random pics at the top, she takes pictures of random delivery vehichles out her back window… what next? A green and red color scheme??

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