bc (before coffee)

the coffee is ready, the amazing smell of it fills the kitchen. i am going to finish this before i get coffee. why? you’re asking me questions before my coffee? you should know better.

three things:

(one) bad samaritan is redesigned, mg is an information architect studbunny of epic proportions. (two) Melly also has been redesigned, go look, she’s gorgeous — oh, so is the site. (three) there is no third thing. no wait. there is.

(three) this is new: OgGogBeGog, the commenter known as Peanut Gallery, has finally left an URL. i’ve read a little, i’m going to go and read some more, here’s a quote to get you going on over there too:

?Lurking all over the internet. Reading other peoples lives. They seem like friends and I follow their days sympathetically. It’s very weird and it seems sort of sneaky. Trying to flesh out this site enough so that I can leave an address when I make my smart little comments at other peoples homes. It’s hard to make something reflect who you really are when you are in the process of figuring that out yourself.?

(four) there are four things (one) Bad Sam (two) Melly (three) Peanut Gallery (four) coffee. my mouth is quite literally watering. i shall go have pavlov’s cup of steamy caffeiney goodness now.

7 thoughts on “bc (before coffee)

  1. 20:7? That’s a good ratio…

    …but if it starts getting close, you know where to find the rest of the loons in the pond!

  2. i’m not saying it didn’t make sense, mind you, it certainly might make sense, just, i was personally unable to figure it out.

  3. I’m sorry, kd. My brain is fuzzed today for some reason. Maybe that Red Bull/Pepsi Twist cocktail I slammed for breakfast activated some dormant brain cells and they’re causing some confusion. Then again…

    I meant to link that! That’s today’s Yah to Not-So-Yah ratio over at Peanut Gallery’s site. …and one I could live with.

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