beach day

you know, i tend to think of europe as being a place where the general population is more chic and fashion-conscious than they are in the states. so after observing some european tourists in downtown ventura this afternoon, i feel i should re-evaluate that impression, based on the preponderance of strange shorts worn with loafers and black dress socks. are there people, right now, wandering all over europe dressed like that? or do they just do it when they’re on holiday, like taking a vacation from the pressures of being stylish and well-dressed?

in any case, it’s all part of the regular weekend beachgoing. even though we go to the same place and do essentially the same thing, it’s always a new experience. it started with this beach bunny, and then there were some bikini girls playing instruments, i don’t think they were all that musical, but i also don’t think that really mattered, in the grand scheme of the beach. there were a lot of people crawling around on the rocks, intently doing… something, and doing it for hours on end. and of course, some things never change, like how much fun it is to dig in sand.

13 thoughts on “beach day

  1. Europeans are easy to spot by their shoes..
    Very thick soles, and sandels with socks, especially on men.
    Like little anklets in green or striped while wearing sandals. After my trips to Europe, I used to dress like a European. People spoke to me in a foreign language.
    Now they speak to me in tongues!! But, you know its easy to spot an American in Europe also. Just something about them….

  2. It’s the plaid toxiclabrat – gives them away every time! 😉

    kd – as soon as the sun comes out here (uk) the streets are full of men in shorts, socks and desert wellies. Sad but true.

  3. i will admit to the fact that socks with sandals are comfortable, and i do (oh the horror) dress my son like this, mainly to keep the sandals from chafing his tender feet. but the athletic sandals, combined with tube socks and cutoffs, looks cute on him.

    i don’t think i object to tube socks with certain kinds of sandals. but that black dress socks with shorts thing… ugh. combined with multicolored, nylon cargo shorts. double ugh.

    [sigh] maybe i’m just being mean and judgemental, i’m no fashion maven myself.

    but the dress socks, man, the dress socks. ugh.

  4. Oh, and I know what those folks are doing crawling around on the rocks. I lost a marble there and I promised a nickle to whoever found it.

  5. the gentleman who decorated the stuffed rabbit, wrapped it with christmas garland, and let it sun itself on the hood of his car didn’t really explain what he was thinking, but he did say that he does a lot of “art things” like painting and sculpture.

    so, that’s art.

  6. People are not more fashion-conscious in Europe than in the US, people over here are dressed the same way you are. I think many people dress like fretexfreaks when they are on vacation though, at least the tourist that comes here are many times kind of weird dressed, and hey Mistress Angelique, the german tourists are often dressed as their going to war or going to climb a mountain or two ;o]

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