Jon got back from SXSW, where he was stranded without internet access to speak of (how horrifying). this tells me that we are so on the right track for BlogCon, with the high speed internet access in the rooms — i still can’t wrap my mind around the concept of being in a strange city, unable to post and to surf my favourite blogs. the withdrawal pains would be too, well, painful.

i don’t know how to feel about this, but just the thought of being without internet access for any length of time, especially a bloggable event like SXSW (or BlogCon) sends bad chills up my spine. bad ones.

and just think, in a few years when they’ve perfected 3G high speed wireless access and wearable computers, we’ll be able to blog from anywhere… anywhere at all… muahahahah!!

erm, not that i’d want to get all cyborged out like that. no sir.

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