chaos is in the house

and a bright and sunny thursday morning to you. where did you wake up? i was on the couch in this room. what’s that you say? it’s a fort, of course! or a tent, as the case may be. it contained a sleeping child, who did not want to wake up. and what’s the decorating style in this room? you might ask. why, it’s early-american it-came-with-the-house-we-don’t-complain, i’d reply. no, nothing matches. it’s ?eclectic?, thank you very much.

the couch is usually my refuge, my quiet place i can sleep noisily if i so desire. not last night. it was campout night, it was watch spy kids till 11 then argue about wanting another movie night, it was, good thing i’m feeling alot better or else i’d be in a world of hurt this morning night. it was a good night.

the first thing out of sleeping child’s mouth when i woke him up this morning was ?i like to camp?. so, my living room may look like this for awhile.

good thing i like chaos.

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