couldn’t resist

?The tragedy is that every time one of these Elmer Fudds displays his or her trophy on their blog that googlewhack is gone forever. ? –

?Bill asked an employee where the bathroom was, and upon finding it he notices the door is ajar. And muffled grunting noises are eminating from the other side. Bill walks in, and there…in all his glory…was a balding, gray-haired man flogging his dolphin into the urinal. Bill assumed it was the store’s manager, by ‘the way he handled his member with authority.’ ? – in search of a soul

?they are a lot more work than cats and they are noisy and they like to lick. sounds like chuck actually, but i don’t have to walk him. ? – denise/

just can’t get enough of that idea i stole from batgrl…

4 thoughts on “couldn’t resist

  1. scott! this is an honor, truly, and the sincerest form of ?i wish i’d thought to write that?.

    being quotable is a good thing.

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