devil winds

UV Index: 3 Low
Wind: From the East at 25 mph
Dew Point: 13?F
Humidity: 14 %
Visibility: Unlimited
Barometer: 30.15 inches and rising

you know what that is? around here, we call it “santa ana conditions”. the santanas, the devil winds, blowing in hot and dry off the desert. today they’re cooler than usual, other than that, they’re not good beach weather for sick people. i may go anyway.

i hate the santa anas. they do funky things to the ions in the air and santa ana days mimic PMS pretty accurately, for me at least.

so i was going to keep complaining about the weather, then i had this vision of people from colder climes beating me about the head and neck with those ice scraper thingys. never mind.

9 thoughts on “devil winds

  1. Sigh. Obviously I’m not there. I really barely survived the week, and the best salve would’ve been to just jump in the car and come. And sit with you in a funky little lean-to on the beach. Sigh again.

  2. hey, i didn’t even go — with that low humidity, the wind would have tore my lungs up.

    however when i went outside a little while ago it seemed more humid, i need humid. i may go tomorrow, in fact i really hope so.

    i’ll take lotsa pictures, so you can enjoy it vicariously

  3. whoa honey…i have enough trouble with regular pms, much less getting the same vibe from the weather….i guess that there are some perks to living in okieland. we got 6 inches yesterday! (of snow…oops) need peechurs of the beeeeeeeeeaaach!

  4. i remember the santa anna’s. i also remember the fires that came with them. <shudders> i think i’ll take the west texas dust for now, thank you. 🙂

  5. I don’t miss the Santa Anas at all. They used to mess with my lungs fiercely. Plus it always did put this really psychotic wrong feel in everybody. Hard to explain.

  6. oh hoopty, i so understand. actually there’s a scientific reason — the santa anas cause a kind of electrical imbalance in the body that makes people feel antsy, depressed, psycho, etc.

    yep, and they mess with my lungs too. at least these aren’t the hottest kind, they’re the medium kind, but i was in fragile health (mentally and physically) to begin with, so, now i’m a real mess.

  7. H-E-L-P M-Eeeeee… I’m without a place to blog…. KittyKitty is in limbo… somewhere between my last server awaiting to be recognized on my new server…

    woe is me!

    (don’t you feel sad for me?)

  8. Heh. Last week in Wisconsin it felt like spring. Now we’ve got buckets of snow on the ground. I’m just flat out confused.

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