i have worked where i work some two and a half years. i drink a lot of soda. the soda machine is in the warehouse/garage, and for at least two of these years, every single time i walked through the warehouse, i would be startled by scary warehouse guy. i’m not sure what he is or why he’s an armless torso and a head on a pedastal, i think maybe he’s for punching? i don’t know, but i finally got to the point where i remember not to gasp audibly as i’m walking through the darkened warehouse.

in other news, i had a dream, and posted it, at least the last part right before the doorbell rang and i was late getting up to get my son dressed for the babysitter.

i have one out of context i could not resist:

?We feel that the white sock/leather clog combination is an abomination in the sight of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We are enacting His wrath.? – dooce.com

it is friday. things will probably get really weird from here on out.

14 thoughts on “digressions

  1. yay!

    hey kd… you here? It’s Friday nite and not even that late and I feel so alone… where the hell did everyone go??

  2. That scary warehouse guy has alot of potential!!
    How about putting different hats on him for holidays?
    St Patrick’s day is coming up. A green cardboard hat…
    He reminds me of the manikins during the 50’s to 60’s. Usually wore suits..
    Like the ripped t-shirt. Very Marlon Brando: “STELLLLLLLLAAAAA”

  3. Ew – he is creepy! But I’d put makeup on him and make him a drag queen. Get a feather boa and a wig.

    Weird is good. Especially for Fridays.

  4. Between scary warehouse guy and the monsters chasing the kitties on my blog, I’m gonna have bad dreams all weekend, I feel it.

  5. drag would be fun, but i’m not sure i should be out in the warehouse applying makeup to someone else’s dummy guy. i don’t know who belongs to him, so it’s better to slip out there unnoticed, stick a funny hat or something on him, snap the pic, and run.

    if i’m not careful, people might begin to suspect i’m weird.

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